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Some of the top areas in Glacier National Park


Iceberg Lake is one of the best, most amazing places I have ever been or hiked. If you have a few hours, love being submerged in nature and surrounded by beauty, this is a must do hike!


A beautiful area surrounded by lakes and towering mountains. Many Glacier has a lot to offer, such as campgrounds, lodging, and food, but more importantly incredible hikes and scenery. This is a stopping point for many roads that connect throughout the park.


If you search for pictures of Montana or Glacier, you're sure to find a picture of this place. One of the largest lakes in the park, there are multiple campground and lodging accommodations, fishing, kayaking/canoeing, stores, and a lot more.

Going tothe Sun

If you're traveling through Glacier, this is a must do. The drive is spectacular as you can see some of the greatest views in the park. The steep terrain, mountain peaks, and ever flowing water is well worth the drive. Just be sure to check the road reports before starting!


Apgar Village is located near the West Glacier entrance. Lake McDonald is also right near the village and the area offers plenty of camping, shops for souvenirs, meals, and also a few stores in case you need to stock up on items.